Local Area Yoga Teachers RETREAT

Set your calendars for February 22-25 and join Amie and nine other area yoga teachers to share your gifts, passions, to receive optional feedback, and to immerse yourself in community. Details here. 

Amie is passionate about connecting with other yoga teachers

and developing cross-collaborations across studios, styles, and philosophies of yoga. The word "yoga" means "union," and Amie firmly believes that teachers are better collaborating with one another rather than competing.

In an effort to establish greater studio relationships and create a more cohesive yoga community in Kansas City, Amie has started the Kansas City Yoga Continuing Education Group. The group meets monthly at rotating studios in the Kansas City area, and each month a different teacher presents their personal passions to other local teachers.

When I entered the world of teaching yoga full time, it was intimidating and scary. Trying to find a community that was welcoming to me as a teacher, while also finding my voice and trying to “network” was uncomfortable at best and terrifying at worst. My dream with this group is to provide a comfortable, supportive space for yoga teachers of all lengths of time, styles, and abilities to gather and share ideas and collaborations in a non-judgmental environment.

One of the things I missed most about the corporate working world was a network of individuals that supported me on my down days and helped me refine my ideas on my good days. This group aims to provide that community for yoga teachers, while also giving them an opportunity to learn from each other, share their gifts, and connect in all ways.
— Amie R, creator of the KC Yoga Continuing Education Group


Mission: We aim to bring local KC teachers together to share our gifts, learn from one another, and develop collaborations to better serve the yogis of the city. To UNITE across studios, across passions and styles of yoga, and lift each other up in support. To learn each others' specialities so we can make appropriate recommendations to our clients as necessary. To offer leadership opportunities to local teachers by getting them experience teaching in front of their peers. 

Vision - A united group of KC teachers and studios working together to act as a living example of our yoga in practice. 

If you are a yoga teacher in the Kansas City area, please connect with us on our facebook page, where we post all monthly events.